Solutions for Tech Companies Seeking Effective Client Acquisition in Poland and Internationally

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Do you want to build your IT company’s visibility in search engines in Poland or internationally?

Our experts will create a comprehensive online strategy for you, backed by years of experience in SEO and the IT industry.

Strategy SEO for Software Houses – How Do We Build an SEO Strategy for Your Company?

An SEO strategy addresses two key questions: what to do and how to do it to increase your website’s visibility. We start by performing a thorough keyword analysis and assessing your direct competitors’ activities.

As a result, you receive a comprehensive SEO strategy designed to effectively expand your website and maximize its potential.


Based on our extensive experience with various IT projects, we understand the importance of thoroughly understanding the target market, as its specifics greatly influence the chosen strategy. The next step involves focusing on technical SEO and emphasizing education and valuable content within the framework of content marketing.

Check out successful SEO strategies for IT in our “Case Study” section.

Comprehensive SEO and SEM solutions for the IT industry

The SEO process begins with a professional site audit that identifies strengths and weaknesses, proposing specific corrective actions.

By implementing Agile philosophy and Scrum methodology, we adapt to changing market conditions and execute projects efficiently, focusing on increasing our Partners’ business value. Transitioning from a marketing agency to a consulting firm has enabled us to better meet the needs of the IT industry and succeed in promoting companies in international markets.

Digital Marketing Actions for the IT Industry – What Will You Receive from Our Collaboration?

Personalized Analysis Approach

Professional Tools and Expertise

Precise Keyword Selection

Custom Content Strategy

Detailed Guidelines and Prioritization

Online Reputation Building

In-depth Competitor Analysis

Monitoring and Optimization

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We Understand Your Niche: How Strategiczni Operates

Our Agile approach is the foundation of our work. It allows us to be flexible and responsive, essential qualities in the dynamic IT industry. We prioritize partnership with clients, building strong relationships and tailoring solutions to their individual needs.

With years of experience in the IT sector, we possess the necessary know-how and practices for efficient and effective work. Our projects are executed in two-week sprints, enabling us to efficiently complete tasks, setting goals and priorities together with the client.

We guarantee a personalized approach in SEO audits and strategies. We focus on analysis and use dedicated tools to ensure the effectiveness of actions and achieving the client’s business goals.

As Strategiczni, we have successfully completed numerous IT projects. We have extensive experience in international SEO, serving eight different markets across three continents. We understand the specifics of the IT industry, and our ability to adapt to changes makes our marketing efforts stand out from competing firms. x ITCORNER

We understand the challenges your business faces and are well aware of the needs and demands of the IT industry. As part of the Wrocław IT cluster, we have deep insights into the sector’s requirements and dynamics. Recognized by

Clutch is a renowned platform based in the heart of Washington, D.C., dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. The service is a valuable resource for individuals seeking service providers, including marketing and consulting agencies. creates lists of top firms based on client recommendations and reviews across various categories. Our organization has garnered several industry accolades, with the most notable being:

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    At, we prioritize a personalized approach, offering comprehensive support and consultancy at every project stage. We strive to understand not only the industry specifics but also the business needs of our clients. For TKM Project, we designed three websites and a comprehensive communication strategy, funded by the European Union.

    Follow the results of our efforts!


    Expanding into international markets is entirely feasible. Each market requires a tailored approach, making a well-planned strategy essential. At, we leverage our extensive experience to build visibility and organic traffic in search engines, even in demanding foreign markets. Our success in various projects has given us a deep understanding of market specifics and the unique habits of their audiences.

    First, we conduct a thorough analysis of the company’s offerings to identify key development points and set primary business goals. Next, we investigate what and how users in the target country search for, including their preferred search engines and devices. We understand that there are significant differences between Poland and foreign markets. Based on this, we develop a marketing strategy and detailed guidelines to create a well-optimized website. Finally, we consistently work on building the website’s popularity by creating high-quality content, such as blog articles and case studies.

    No, each market is unique to us because we understand that effective website positioning varies in each country. Before starting a collaboration, we thoroughly analyze the market’s specifics, defining the required scope of actions and the recommended budget. Our strategy depends significantly on the industry, market trends, keyword competitiveness, and the number of popular search engines. Analyzing these aspects allows us to promote the company effectively online and achieve business goals, such as attracting potential clients, increasing organic traffic, or generating leads.

    No, these two countries have different search engine dynamics. This means that each market is treated as a separate service. The same applies to all English-speaking countries. Read more about our international SEO strategies.

    The global reach of the internet offers almost unlimited possibilities in website positioning. Therefore, collaborating with a Polish SEO agency experienced in such services, familiar with the specifics of foreign markets, and understanding local user habits, can be highly effective. Moreover, choosing a local agency often ensures smoother cooperation, facilitating closer relationships with partners and better understanding their unique business needs.

    When creating a website for IT services, focus on the target client by clearly identifying who the service is for and how it stands out from the competition. Ensure a thoughtful internal linking strategy and an organized, user-friendly structure.Additionally, include detailed service descriptions, customer testimonials, case studies, and a strong call to action. Optimize for SEO with relevant keywords and ensure mobile responsiveness and fast loading times for a better user experience.