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service focused on increasing organic traffic on the website.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a service aimed at increasing organic traffic to the client’s website by improving its visibility. In our daily work, we strive to boost specific keywords in search results. However, we are aware that achieving satisfactory results today requires more complex actions than a few years ago. That’s why we always start our collaboration with the client by conducting a detailed analysis of their company’s situation, identifying their individual needs, and determining the main business objectives. Before we begin any actions, we make an effort to thoroughly understand the client’s business specifics and their competition. This enables us to develop the most suitable strategy, allowing us to operate effectively and deliver satisfying outcomes. Discover the essence of effective SEO and how our experienced specialists approach it.

How can website positioning help you?

  1. High positions in Google search engine

    Your website will appear more frequently on the first page of Google search results and attract greater traffic, which can lead to higher conversion rates and, consequently, assured financial gains.

  2. Increasing website visibility in organic search results

    Your website will become more visible in natural search results, making it easier for you to reach your target audience. With frequent appearances of your company’s website on high positions in Google search results, you will also enhance brand awareness and recognition among Internet users.

  3. Effective identification of potential customers’ needs for your website

    Through advanced analytics, you will discover what your customers are searching for and what they need. By utilizing professional analytical tools, we can identify the most popular and, consequently, the most important keywords for your business. This analysis will allow us to better tailor content to users’ queries and intentions in the search engine. With this knowledge, we will establish the most effective marketing strategy for your website, fulfilling the set goals and generating increased traffic in search results.

How do we work on website positioning?

Initial Analysis and SEO Audit

Before commencing the actual work on website positioning, we want to thoroughly understand your business: its specifics, needs, and requirements. We are interested in your offerings, the company’s business model, and the actions of the closest competitors. At the initial stage of collaboration, we also conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, examining the website’s present condition and crucial statistics gathered through advanced analytical tools. Based on this information, we define precisely defined, achievable strategic objectives and establish a schedule for future work.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Website

We translate the SEO strategy into a list of actions aimed at achieving our set goals. Typically, we enhance the website’s structure and content, but that’s not all! We always tailor the scope of our activities to the individual situation and requirements of our clients. We understand the significance of proper website optimization, which impacts indexation efficiency and page loading speed. Moreover, having an appropriately fast website provides a significant opportunity to enhance user experience, thereby influencing conversion rates and the number of queries in the search engine.

Technical SEO – An Essential Element of Website Ranking

We delve deep into the website’s structure, analyzing the indexing robot’s behavior. This allows us to gain a competitive advantage by maximizing the potential offered by Google. As part of website positioning, we propose a new, improved site structure, harnessing the potential of keywords. Additionally, we design individual website pages to be user-friendly and fully comprehensible for increasingly demanding Google indexing robots, as well as for users who can navigate seamlessly between different sections of the site. We approach crucial aspects such as proper indexing, page code, and the robots.txt file, which facilitates smooth management of Google’s robots’ traffic on the website, with particular care and attention. By choosing to collaborate with our agency, you can be confident that you will receive a comprehensive service.

Implementation of SEO Audit Changes

Our specialists conduct a professional and highly detailed audit of the website, resulting in a document with a precise analysis of their site and guidelines for the necessary changes to implement. The key objective is to improve the website’s current condition and increase its visibility in organic search results. As an experienced SEO agency, we provide comprehensive support during the implementation of the prepared recommendations, monitor the effects of the implemented changes, and offer continuous professional assistance. Moreover, our clients can count on the support of a dedicated specialist who, during regular meetings, will report and extensively discuss the ongoing SEO activities, clarifying any pressing issues and answering questions.

Content Marketing – Enhancing Effective Website Ranking

Regardless of implementing optimization, we initiate actions focused on strengthening domain authority. Building a strong reputation for the website goes beyond simple link building, and a valuable tool for this purpose is regularly conducted, valuable content marketing. At this stage, we create attractive and useful content that will be sought after by customers. As a result, we have the opportunity to position the website for precisely targeted keywords (including long-tail keywords) and generate increased traffic to your site. Diligently executed content marketing is also a reliable way to establish the company’s image as an industry expert.

Link Building and Management – Acquiring Valuable Backlinks

Off-page actions are just as crucial to us as on-page activities, which is why we pay great attention to link building and diligently acquire high-quality links from external websites leading to the client’s site. Building a valuable link profile that transfers “authority” to the website from other sources is an effective and extremely significant tool in the process of efficient website positioning. Thanks to an increased number of links coming from reputable sites, it is possible to significantly enhance the target website’s authority and increase its visibility in Google’s organic search results.

Monitoring Visibility on Google Search

Throughout our collaboration, the website is integrated with specialized analytical tools that provide daily updates on the progress and current state of the site. This allows our specialists to quickly respond to any changes, while clients have a convenient way to verify the measurable outcomes of our efforts, which are easily trackable.

Pricing for website positioning at

SEO is a complex service that involves various activities, and for this reason, we offer a simplified billing model in the form of a subscription. The subscription fee is determined individually and depends on the specific needs and expectations of each client.

Effective website positioning – scope of SEO activities

Technical SEO – the technical optimization of the website

We translate the guidelines from the positioning strategy into a list of actions aimed at achieving our goal. Most often, we improve the website’s structure and content, but the scope of cooperation with our agency is much broader. The range of our actions depends on the individual needs and requirements of each client’s website, which our SEO specialists will verify through a detailed website audit.

Link Building – Analysis and Management of Link Profile

We conduct a thorough analysis of the link profile: checking whether they come from reputable websites and managing them to ensure that the chosen link building strategy is optimal and effectively strengthens the website’s authority.

Administration and Consulting for the Development of Your Website

We assist in organizing the website’s structure and planning its further development, and if the situation requires, we rebuild it to make it more effective.

International SEO – positioning websites for foreign markets

We ensure our clients’ visibility in international markets. We have helped Polish companies promote themselves in the US, UK, DACH region, and Scandinavia. We have experience in international SEO and understand the specific characteristics of these markets. We know how important it is to adapt SEO strategies to the conditions and trends specific to foreign markets, and we have achieved significant success in this field.

Local positioning – SEO in Google Maps

We support companies in reaching a larger number of local customers. We gain a competitive edge in the local market through positioning in Google Maps.

Content Marketing supporting effective website positioning.

We create content that is useful and engaging for users, which attracts organic traffic, builds customer trust, and establishes a positive brand image as an industry expert.

Website positioning – FAQ

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, refers to the practice of optimizing a website to achieve higher rankings in Google’s search results. It involves various strategies aimed at enhancing a website’s visibility for targeted keywords. The primary objective of SEO is to improve website visibility and attract organic traffic. While often associated with positioning, SEO and positioning are distinct concepts. SEO focuses on optimizing a website’s structure, code, and content, while positioning involves a broader process that encompasses SEO, content marketing, link building, and web analytics.

Implementing effective SEO measures on your website leads to an influx of users visiting your site. These users find your website through search engines, resulting in heightened web traffic. This increased visibility enhances your business’s online presence and boosts brand awareness.

SEO stands as a pivotal pillar in impactful online promotion. Efficient website optimization can generate as much as 60% of the entire traffic on your site. It’s imperative to tap into this potential effectively! Aspire for greater financial returns and a wider customer base? Prioritize effective SEO strategies.

Effective website SEO and positioning efforts should be a priority for anyone invested in business growth. It’s no secret that today’s business landscape operates extensively online, providing access to a substantial pool of potential customers. Reaching these prospects is made possible through proficient online marketing, a key component of which is SEO. By drawing visitors to your website, you’re simultaneously drawing them to your business and its offerings.

Effective Search Engine Advertising (PPC) can yield rapid outcomes with proper campaign configuration, securing prime placement atop Google search results. Yet, it’s vital to acknowledge that this approach requires financial investment. Search engine advertising functions on a pay-per-click model, where each user click on a sponsored link incurs cost. On the other hand, SEO focuses on bolstering organic, unpaid search rankings, tightly intertwined with meticulous website optimization. While SEO yields sustainable results, patience is requisite compared to the promptness of search engine advertising.

Absolutely! We believe that effective communication and transparency are the foundations of a long-term partnership. That’s why we provide a detailed report of our activities at the end of each month, along with a thorough discussion and presentation of future plans. Each report is then reviewed with the client during a phone call or remote meeting. Our aim is to ensure that our clients receive comprehensive support and understand the work we’re doing for them.

We do not employ Black Hat techniques. Our conducted actions adhere to the principles of ethical SEO and are secure for our clients’ websites. We specialize in recovering lost search engine rankings for websites that were affected by previous Black Hat efforts.

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated specialist who serves as the project’s caretaker, guiding the client through the entire SEO process.

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