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Customers aren’t writing or calling? That’s a sign that your business isn’t showing up in Google search results, and your website probably isn’t performing as well as it could with our help.

Based on our experience, we know that in such a situation, it’s essential to take care of a good reputation and local SEO. Leverage Google’s search engine capabilities to effectively attract new clients, surpass local competition, and generate higher profits through strategic positioning.

What is the purpose of internet marketing for local businesses?

Close to half of all queries entered by users into the Google search engine are local queries. They include the name of a specific region, city, or district, significantly narrowing down and refining the received results.

If your company provides services in the local market and wants to reach customers in the area, you should consider incorporating SEO into your marketing strategy. Without skillfully executed local website positioning, your offer will not reach users searching for services on the Internet within your operational area..

Internet marketing for local companies – offer by Strategiczni.pl

Why is internet marketing so essential for local businesses? To realize this, it’s worth considering first how average users search for information about the services that interest them.

In most cases, users turn to Google as their first step. After entering a query, they receive a list of results and often click on websites that appear at the top. The position of a website is crucial because as many as 70% of users only browse the first page of Google search results, without even checking websites that appear further down. Therefore, websites that appear in the TOP10 of Google’s ranking play a key role.

If you’re not on the first page of Google search results, you’re simultaneously preventing users from discovering your offer. This way, you lose potential customers and miss the opportunity to effectively compete in the local market.

Use the potential of internet marketing to effectively boost your sales and brand awareness among customers. At Strategiczni.pl, we will guide you through this process.

Local positioning (SEO) – increasing the visibility of a website

Your website is your place on the web and the fundamental showcase of your company, thus an essential sales tool. It’s where you should build a professional image, share expert knowledge, and, as a result, establish credibility in the eyes of potential clients, capturing their interest, and eventually gaining their trust.

A website is the most crucial foundation and starting point for any marketing efforts. Users, including you, are cautious about websites that are unreadable, chaotic, slow, with complicated architecture, hidden services, and lacking customer reviews to support the company’s credibility. The situation becomes even more complicated if your website is invisible in organic search results. To change this, you need a thoughtful and consistently executed website positioning strategy.

Optimisation and maintenance of GMB – business cards on Google maps

Ease of access to information about a company is one of the key factors in the customer decision-making process. For this reason, maintaining a business listing on Google has become an integral part of effective local positioning. It’s often the first point of contact for potential clients with your offerings. From experience, we know that for owners of local service-based businesses, nothing is as crucial as their Google My Business profile.

Local website positioning is linked to the visibility of a company on Google Maps. As statistics show, up to 85% of users searching for a specific service online check the company’s location on Google Maps. A user who enters a specific keyword directly related to a particular location knows what they are looking for. For companies offering desired services in a chosen location and holding a high position in search results, such a query practically translates to a highly potential customer.

Local business doesn’t have to mean a limited number of customers. With our support, you have a chance to build a strategy that provides stability and allows a steady influx of new clients. Optimizing your Google My Business listing is a good starting point if you want to implement online marketing in your company.

Local linkbuilding – gaining valuable links from local sources

We prepare a link-building strategy to acquire high-quality backlinks leading to your website and, in turn, increase the power and authority of your site. We approach each page individually, developing a customized action plan tailored to the needs of each client.

The key goal of the link-building process is to ensure the website experiences stable and consistent growth in visibility within Google search results. Each time, we rely on trusted, high-quality link sources, which we select after conducting a thorough analysis using specialized SEO tools. Transparency is an important value for us, which is why we provide our clients with a summary of the performed actions in the form of monthly reports. With this strategy, you will effectively establish a presence in local media and reach your target audience

Google Ads campaigns

The main advantage of Google Ads advertising campaigns is the quick visibility of results. As a result, these actions provide excellent support for the website positioning process. Well-designed and managed Google campaigns deliver high-quality traffic, leading to improved conversion rates, more inquiries, and consequently, increased sales.

The effects of the conducted Google Ads campaign are also easily measurable. With proper configuration of the advertising account, we can continuously monitor its results and verify how the advertisement impacts the client’s business objectives. Companies collaborating with us receive ongoing access to advertising performance results and the ability to make necessary changes. At the end of each month, our clients receive a detailed report along with a summary from the specialist responsible for their project.

Content marketing – creating professional, industry-specific content

Do you want to establish yourself in the minds of your audience as a strong brand and an expert in your field? Create informative content, educate potential customers about your services or products, and build a professional online image. Make use of the opportunities that content marketing offers you.

At Strategiczni.pl, our team of copywriters works closely with the client because we know that you are the expert in your field and the most valuable resource. That’s why we begin each collaboration with a thorough discussion of needs and expectations, and we provide the prepared content for direct client verification. This way, we ensure that the final text is of truly high quality.

Social media marketing – managing the company’s profile on social media platforms.

If you want to effectively reach new customers, you need to be where your audience is. Social media marketing is an efficient tool to achieve this goal. We will show you how to harness the potential of your company’s profiles on major social media platforms to communicate your expertise, build trust with your audience, and cultivate a professional image.

We develop a communication strategy on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, taking into account the specificity of the client’s industry and competitor actions. Our goal is to effectively differentiate your company from competitors and create a strong brand that can engage its audience.

How can internet marketing help in acquiring potential clients?

While running your own business, you certainly care about a stable source of income and a steady influx of new customers. In today’s digitized world, where more and more areas are moving online, users searching for specific services first turn to Google. It is in your interest that after entering a desired keyword, your website appears on a high position. Only this way you can reach your audience and capture their attention. To make this possible, you need skillfully executed internet marketing.

Professional services – our specialties

We are a marketing agency from Wroclaw, and one of the key areas of our expertise is professional services. Thanks to this, we have had the opportunity to thoroughly understand the specifics and requirements of this sector. Effectively acquiring clients and achieving set business goals is a crucial challenge in today’s business world. The answer lies in thoughtful and well-planned marketing, as many of our clients have already experienced.

Marketing for lawyers

A special group of our clients consists of lawyers. By talking with numerous law firms, we have come to realize that the legal industry – despite its specific requirements – actually faces problems common to today’s businesses. In light of this, an increasing number of lawyers recognize the need for implementing marketing activities.

Effective marketing is not just about advertising. Website positioning, managing a Google My Business listing, or handling a law firm’s social media profile – all of these are fully secure promotion tools for the legal industry.

Marketing for dentists and doctors

The market for medical services is highly saturated, and the competition continues to grow. In large cities, it is common to encounter situations where there are multiple dental offices or medical facilities on the same street. Is your website attractive and compelling enough for potential clients to choose you? Or perhaps they won’t even be able to reach your offer because your website occupies a distant position in Google search results?

With our actions, you will get rid of this dilemma. Consistently implemented internet marketing will allow you to effectively reach a broader audience and build a professional image and trust among users.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

For local businesses, the essential tools in internet marketing are Google My Business listing, which allows reaching users in the area. It is also worth taking care of website SEO and high-quality content marketing, which will contribute to increasing the company’s visibility online. With such strong foundations, you can complement the marketing strategy with active management of social media profiles to enhance brand awareness and authority.

The starting point is website SEO, and for local businesses, it also includes Google Maps SEO and managing the Google My Business listing. It’s essential to focus on content marketing and the company’s presence on social media platforms where potential clients can be found. Google Ads campaigns will also serve as effective support for the SEO strategy.

Marketing for every company requires proper preparation, planning, and consistent execution. It’s worth entrusting this task to specialists because isolated, spontaneous actions taken without a broader strategy and clearly defined objectives won’t yield the desired results in terms of increased sales or customer trust. To achieve that, knowledge and experience are necessary.

Properly planned brand communication on the internet is crucial for building lasting relationships with customers and effectively engaging the audience. However, it is important that the communication strategy is well-thought-out and consistent with other actions taken by the company. This way, it will be credible in the eyes of potential clients.

For local businesses, the first step is to create and actively manage a Google My Business listing. This virtual business card generates high-quality traffic and contributes to increased visibility in local search results. More website visits translate to higher chances of conversions and successful sales. Actively maintaining a Google My Business listing is also a way to shape a positive brand image, enhance brand awareness, and build trust among users.

Operating locally, it is worth primarily leveraging the opportunities offered by Google My Business listing. Its proper optimization and regular maintenance not only establish the credibility of the company but also create a positive brand image and user trust. Strengthening the brand’s position should also involve consistently executed actions on corporate profiles in the most popular social media platforms.

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