Content marketing

Engaging content that attracts audiences.

Content marketing is one of the most effective and crucial ways to promote your brand on the Internet. What does this type of approach involve? The foundation of content marketing lies in a well-crafted and strategically planned approach aimed at attracting an audience that will repeatedly return for your company’s products or services. A significant aspect of this marketing strategy is building deep and long-lasting relationships with your target audience, increasing the likelihood that they become loyal customers. The content delivered through content marketing must be of high quality and conveyed through carefully selected channels, all while considering SEO optimization.

What are the benefits of content marketing? Why is it worth investing in this form of promotion on the Internet? Find out before deciding to collaborate with our professional agency!


  1. Establishing an expert image in your field.

    Consistently adding informative blog posts enriched with infographics is an excellent way to build an expert image in your industry’s eyes, as perceived by potential clients. By doing so, you will not only instill trust within your target audience but also subtly and approachably encourage them to purchase your company’s products or services.

  2. Increased visibility.

    A well-planned and thought-out content marketing strategy supports the optimization of the website. By effectively integrating SEO practices into content marketing, significant growth in visibility is achievable, thus reaching a new group of potential clients.

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  3. Customer trust

    Gaining customer trust is one of the key aspects of running a business. Each potential audience member wants assurance that the company they come across online is credible and offers professional products or services. A well-crafted, high-quality content marketing strategy leads to a trustworthy brand.

Scope of Activities

Blog Posts

Product Descriptions

Category Descriptions

Specialized Articles

Articles in Foreign Languages


Content marketing allows you to showcase yourself and your company’s employees as specialists in your field. We recommend having our copywriters create the content to ensure it is reader-friendly. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t be involved in its creation. Our copywriters always start by conducting thorough research, and your knowledge and recommended articles can be valuable sources of information. Therefore, we encourage you to share any helpful materials.


Below, you will find several examples of channels worth choosing for content marketing distribution:



The content itself can be presented in various ways – through traditional articles, but also as graphics, infographics, and presentations. The choice of a specific type depends on the client’s needs and the goals of the strategy established at the beginning of our collaboration. That’s why clearly defining the purpose of all content marketing activities is crucial. When initiating cooperation with our agency, we will certainly ask you about such matters as:

The answers to these questions are crucial to ensure that content marketing carries value and expertise, allowing the audience to appreciate the content they read.


How does content marketing work?

Effective content marketing relies on a well-thought-out and precisely planned strategy. Its primary goal is to strengthen brand awareness and its positive image among the audience, while also building long-term relationships with customers based on trust and loyalty. Therefore, the actions taken by our agency in this area are by no means limited solely to creating unique, valuable content for users.

An effective content marketing plan must also accomplish several other equally significant tasks. What steps should be taken to ensure that this strategy yields the expected results, generates more traffic to your website, and effectively promotes your brand online?

Inital Analysis

When planning a specific content marketing strategy, we always precede it with a detailed analysis of key pillars of the client’s business. This is an essential element for skillfully designing effective marketing actions, allowing us to determine the direction and goals of the implemented solutions even more precisely. That’s why we want to thoroughly understand your business. The preliminary analysis includes aspects such as:


By answering these questions, we can precisely define the target audience to which we will direct the content, select suitable content for them, and establish the means to reach them. Brand monitoring will help identify the best distribution channels, and a professional audit will assist in creating a strategy consistent with past marketing efforts and your company’s online image. This shows that when developing an effective content marketing strategy, it is essential to consider the overall picture of the company.

Keyword Research

Well-chosen and skillfully integrated keywords have a positive impact on conversion rates. How to conduct effective keyword research and select the most important ones for your business? First and foremost, keywords should be aligned with the company’s profile and the services or products it offers, taking into account the competitiveness of each phrase. Thorough competitor analysis will be helpful once again, along with a detailed examination of trends and seasonality related to the chosen keywords, allowing for precise timing when your website can expect increased traffic. By utilizing advanced tools, we can conduct in-depth keyword analysis, facilitating the creation of an effective strategy and content that will generate organic traffic for an extended period. A well-executed keyword research assists in producing valuable content not only for users but also for demanding Google algorithms.

Content Preparation by Professional Copywriters

You already know how important keywords are. However, don’t be misled – stuffing your text with keywords, even well-chosen ones, won’t automatically catapult your website to the top of search results. The content on your site must carry informational value, be unique, and useful to users. A professional copywriter will not only write helpful and engaging content for the audience but will also carefully plan the entire editorial calendar and content distribution schedule, taking into account the seasonality of topics. Engaging and valuable content will present your brand as a trustworthy industry expert on the web.


Text Optimization

Text optimization is undoubtedly a crucial aspect that connects content marketing with SEO. High-quality content is one of the key ranking factors for Google. Unique content positively impacts the positioning process and visibility of the website on the Internet. Therefore, it’s worth optimizing both the text (sponsored articles, blog posts, etc.) and all graphic elements (charts, infographics, videos) for search engines. Optimization for specific user queries, appropriate header hierarchy, and subheadings make the overall content more transparent and SEO-friendly for Google algorithms. This, in turn, contributes to better indexing in search engines and facilitates reaching potential customers – which is our main goal.

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored article is definitely one of the best ways to advertise on the Internet, serving as a powerful pillar of our content marketing agency’s work. Through sponsored articles, we have the opportunity to promote products or services on valuable, industry-relevant portals in a subtle, non-intrusive, and non-irritating manner for users, proving to be an extremely effective form of advertising. Within sponsored articles, we create various types of content, including:

The content of a sponsored article may include logos, graphics, and valuable sponsored links, essential for building an effective link-building strategy that will help your company to be present in search engine results. What are the other goals of a sponsored article? They include, above all:

Sponsored article verification

Thanks to publications in media with wide reach and significant industry portals, your brand will gain recognition and greater customer trust. Moreover, effective content marketing and link building based on links from strong websites effectively reinforce the process of website positioning. There is no doubt that sponsored articles are a valuable form of online advertising worth investing in. As an agency, we are aware of the many benefits that such content marketing actions bring, so we will skillfully plan the process and the location of their publication. Before choosing the appropriate platform to place the sponsored article, we will thoroughly investigate aspects such as:

Content Implementation

So meticulously prepared content is ready for publication. However, our efforts do not end at the moment of publishing an article, as we are aware that creating valuable content is only half the success. The next stage must involve skillful and well-planned distribution of the generated content, utilizing various communication channels to reach a broader audience. It is also important to regularly monitor the effects of implemented actions, which is why we continuously track the website’s positions in search engines after content publication.

Content Marketing Agency – What Can We Do for You?

Content Marketing – the Only Marketing Left” – this controversial statement was made in 2015 by Seth Godin, considered the creator of modern internet marketing. Predictions about the effectiveness of content in promoting brands, products, and services turned out to be not much exaggerated. Currently, reputable marketing agencies in the market include in their list of services not only SEO and SEM activities but also an offer focused on content (case studies, reports, sponsored articles on industry portals, etc.). Are you wondering if collaborating with a content marketing agency would be a good decision?

Here’s what you can gain from professionally prepared content:

  • expert brand image,
  • brand awareness among potential clients,
  • company credibility, and as a result – customer trust,
  • high positions in search engines – Google ‘feeds’ on valuable content..

Keyword Analysis

Copywriting, especially SEO copywriting, should be based on keyword analysis. Working on a text that persuades users to read and ultimately purchase a particular product or service starts with verifying the content present on the website. Content specialists analyze the keywords for which the website is visible in Google. When planning the content strategy, it is possible to skip phrases that bring the website the highest positions. The priority in creating content for specific keywords should be to focus on those phrases that are outside the TOP10.

Competitor content analysis

Competitor actions in content marketing are a valuable source of knowledge. To attract more traffic to the website, we use keywords in our content that the client’s industry competition ranks for. This is an important element in developing a plan for creating, publishing, and optimizing content. It may turn out that the website does not require major changes, only cosmetic ones, such as optimizing alt attributes – captions under images on the page. Tracking competitor actions provides many insights and reveals the marketing know-how of a given industry.

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing, just like other elements of the marketing strategy, should serve the business goals of the company. For this reason, content actions must align with the core principles of the company. The primary goal of the content strategy can be set as lead generation, achieved through actions such as increasing the number of returning users, growing newsletter subscriptions, or achieving a specific level of audience engagement. Another aspect of the strategy concerns the target audience. Specifying the characteristics of the target audience representatives helps tailor the communication style and channels to the preferences of potential customers.

In creating a strategy, it is essential to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that allow monitoring and determining the effectiveness of the undertaken actions. Commonly used KPIs for content marketing effectiveness are those indicating the level of interaction with the content. These include, among others, time spent on the website, scroll depth, and the number of defined actions/events (e.g., clicks).

Link building – building a link profile

Link building is a set of actions that encompass both SEO and content marketing. How to build a network of valuable links to redirect users to specific pages? Google consistently values quality, so informative content is always rewarded and holds greater authority. Links to your website should be present in text content that provides value to users, meaning it is meticulous, up-to-date, comprehensive, and exhaustive on a specific topic. Linking can be acquired through exposure of content on platforms that publish similar content and are trusted by users. A good way to place links in credible sources is through social media activity, as well as content distribution on appropriate websites and platforms.

Creating optimized and valuable content based on analyses

Content is king, but it wouldn’t be without professional advisors, among whom analytics undoubtedly belong. Thanks to them, content marketers, copywriters, and content designers can plan the strategy for creating and publishing content, and then measure and evaluate the results of their actions. Analytical data helps in making the right choices and shaping content strategies, which are currently a crucial element of SEO.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy primarily based on valuable texts and their distribution through appropriately chosen channels. Among the most popular forms of content marketing are blog posts, case studies, industry-specific e-books, viral marketing, real-time marketing, FAQs, sponsored articles, product and service descriptions. Their goal is to generate interest and trust in potential clients, thereby increasing the chances of making transactions and retaining them for longer. To disseminate the created content, we utilize not only the website but also social media and PPC advertising.

The costs associated with content marketing activities will vary depending on the individual needs of the company. It is important to remember that valuable content must go hand in hand with website optimization, making it not only rich in well-constructed texts and keywords but also visually appealing and fast. Therefore, an effective content marketing strategy may cost anywhere from a few hundred to several hundred thousand złoty. Contact us to determine the most advantageous plan and budget for your business.

Above all, you will gain trust among your target audience, strengthen your position as an expert in the industry, and consequently increase conversion rates. Well-crafted content marketing materials, combined with SEO and SEM efforts, will help you reach new customers and showcase your company’s offerings in an attractive and attention-grabbing manner. It’s also an opportunity to share your experience and knowledge, which supports building a credible brand. Greater online visibility and the publication of engaging content will assist you in achieving your business goals.

Our answer — EVERYONE. Today’s realities leave no doubt — to be visible in search engines, one must create valuable and attention-grabbing content. Regardless of the industry you operate in, we can plan content for your business that will strengthen your position in the market. We work with IT companies as well as various specializations — legal, medical, or technological, but also e-commerce. Content marketing will help you reach your target audience and convince them of your offer.

Valuable content means striking a balance between keywords and the usefulness of the content itself. What does it mean? In order for the text to appear in search engines after entering a specific phrase, that phrase must be included in the copywriter’s description, sponsored article, or other form of information dissemination. It’s not enough to stuff the text with keywords related to the company’s activities. It is also important to publish online content that internet users need. Content written by copywriters should clearly provide answers to various questions. This enriches the cyberspace and, at the same time, helps improve website visibility.

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