Facebook Ads – Harnessing the Advertising Potential of Facebook

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Social media actions attract customers, but real success belongs to those who can build user engagement. Discover the benefits an effective Facebook Ads campaign can bring to your business!


  1. Targeting options for your audience group

    Access advanced targeting and campaign management options to reach your target audience. Narrowing the ad display area significantly impacts the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. The ability to target potential customers based on criteria such as gender, location, or interests allows you to identify action-oriented individuals and, consequently, increase conversions.

  2. Increase in Website Traffic

    Support for efforts to increase website traffic, inquiries, and clicks. The primary goal of redirecting users (e.g., from the Facebook mobile app) to your company’s website is to improve sales performance in the online store.

  3. Quick Results

    The effects of creating and then running a campaign become visible shortly. With properly optimized promotional materials, the chance for a quick return on investment is significantly high. The ad manager allows real-time monitoring of Facebook Ads campaign progress and, if needed, enables editing and implementation of changes.

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  4. Brand Awareness

    Excellent opportunities for brand promotion and awareness creation. Facebook Ads will enable your company to stand out from the competition, and an effective advertising campaign will attract a new audience. It’s a straightforward way to increase brand recognition among customers and capture their attention.

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  5. Diversity of Advertising Creations

    Multiple attractive ad formats to choose from, customized for your objectives (e.g., Sales, Branding), and your company’s needs. Effective ad creations are well-crafted promotional content. When creating a campaign on Facebook, users have several formats at their disposal, including image, video, carousel, instant experience, and collection ads.

What does our Facebook advertising campaign include?

Strategiczni.pl offers a comprehensive approach to planning actions within Facebook Ads. Advertising campaigns, crafted by a team of experts, encompass precise targeting, well-defined ad budgeting, and the development of a strategy to achieve specified sales and branding objectives. Discover what we can do for your company!

Facebook Ads – Paid Advertising Campaigns with Facebook Ads

Supported Types of Facebook Ads

The options offered by FB Ads include image, video, carousel, instant experience, and collection ads.

Customizing Ads for Mobile Devices

Facebook Ads allows creating mobile-optimized content (e.g., canvas) and modifications such as ad placements in Messenger.

Managing the Facebook Ads advertising budget

Based on experience working with clients from various industries, Strategiczni.pl will help your business achieve specific goals while prudently managing the budget.

Reporting in the Ad Manager, Report Creation, and Data Analysis

While running an advertising campaign, our experts handle monitoring, reporting, and analyzing the achieved results.

Setting up Facebook Ads Remarketing

Installation of Facebook Pixel (Facebook Pixel)

Configuring Pixel Meta provides insights into customer preferences by enabling the monitoring of user activity on your website.

Building a Custom Audience List

Facebook Ads offers the creation of advertising campaigns targeted directly to a specially profiled group of users.

Creating Ad Sets for Remarketing Audiences

Optimizing promotional activities also involves creating advertising campaigns targeted at individuals who have previously interacted with the company’s fan page or website.

Building Reach and Targeting an Audience Group

Reaching the Largest Number of Potential Customers

Generating Traffic and Engagement across all Channels (including the website and social media accounts).

Building Brand Awareness

Facebook ads can have a positive impact on brand awareness creation.

Targeting Audiences

Targeting promotional materials to a carefully selected group of users will maximize the campaign’s effectiveness.

Lead Generation

Properly tailored ad content will not only provide more likes, comments, or followers but also loyal customers.

What Influences the Price of FB Ads Campaign?

Budgeting for promotions involves choosing a specific form of payment for displaying sponsored content to the audience. Several options are available, including setting the budget for the entire campaign or specific ad sets. Additionally, you can opt for a lifetime budget (final amount) or a daily budget (average amount).

Depending on the individual needs and goals of the client, several factors need to be taken into account. The budget for Facebook Ads advertising is influenced by, among others:

The method of settlement and conducting advertising campaigns

The management of Facebook Ads advertising campaigns is settled on a commission-based model, dependent on the advertising budget amount. The commission rate is determined individually.

Why is it worth advertising on Facebook?

  • Reaching potential customers – Facebook Ads allow you to reach people who will be most interested in your products or services. Fb Ads are an incredibly effective marketing tool for acquiring new audiences online. Facebook has a vast amount of data and targeting options, which enable you to select the right target audience.
  • Large reach and a variety of additional options – Facebook is currently the largest social media platform along with a whole network of related services. Through the ad manager, you can manage ads on Instagram, Audience Network, or Messenger.
  • Effective and engaging ad creatives – Using Facebook Ads Manager gives your company the opportunity for in-depth content analysis and customization of promotional materials for a specific target audience.
  • Building brand awareness – A well-conducted advertising campaign positively impacts the recognition of your company among the target audience. Image benefits translate into financial results, as people interested in the product/services are willing to trust a brand that has made an impression on them and caught their attention.
  • Increasing sales results – Facebook users (or users of other platforms within the Meta ecosystem) can be redirected directly to your company’s website, which will increase website traffic and lead generation.

How to properly target your audience?

Facebook Advertising Agency – take advantage of the help of a marketing agency when creating Facebook Ads campaigns!

Does your company want to increase ad reach and reach the right target audience directly? Effective optimization of advertising campaigns is often preceded by years of practice and valuable experience working on various projects. Advertising on Facebook requires testing, monitoring, and optimizing campaigns to achieve the most favorable outcomes, such as maximizing profits at a low cost. And that’s precisely what we do at Strategiczni.pl – a PPC agency.

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