Social Media Marketing

Managing social media and effectively utilizing the potential of the company’s profile on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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We craft effective social media strategies and nurture our partner companies’ brand image, fostering trust and engagement with the target audience. Our expertise lies in promoting businesses on top platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Throughout our planning process, we consider the unique aspects of each client’s industry and competitors’ activities, allowing us to set the brand apart and maximize the potential of corporate profiles in the most popular social media networks. Our communication is centered around customer benefits, highlighting the distinct values of each company that resonate with the target audience’s needs. Our team comprises experienced social media marketing specialists with a fresh outlook, keeping up with the latest social media trends and offering creative approaches to enhance businesses’ presence on social platforms.

Social media platforms are potent marketing tools, and their significance is widely recognized. Embrace powerful social media campaigns by partnering with – discover what we have in store for you!

The scope of our activities

Running a Facebook profile

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Running a profile on Instagram

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Running a profile on LinkedIn

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  1. Professional media profile

    At our marketing agency, we specialize in SEO and social media management. Our approach to social media involves strategic planning, emphasizing consistent communication based on loyalty, credibility, and transparency. This ensures the cultivation of your professional social media image and the effective promotion of your brand.

  2. Brand recognition

    To establish a presence on the most popular social media platforms and enhance brand awareness, you require purposeful and coherent communication aligned with your business objectives. This is achieved through engaging content and impactful advertising campaigns. Our agency provides comprehensive social media management services, ensuring the realization of this objective.

  3. Gain the trust of potential customers

    We’ll expertly manage your social media platforms and devise a social media strategy that positions you as a industry authority, boosting trust, loyalty, and credibility among your audience. Our professional approach ensures your social media presence is taken care of.

  4. Increased range

    A branding and sales campaign on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is an effective way to promote and reach new customers and internet users worldwide. These platforms enable diverse post and format creation, setting you apart from competitors while managing your key social portals and enhancing your social media image.

Scope of Social Media Activities

Creative strategy

Stay ahead of social media trends with our expertise. Our social media strategies are crafted to align with the latest innovations, backed by in-depth analysis of your business activities. Starting with an audit of your brand’s past communication, we develop an action plan and offer a comprehensive range of posts to achieve your sales and branding goals.

Regular posts

Consistency is key, even with the best social media strategy. Our specialists provide comprehensive management of your corporate channels on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, adhering to a well-crafted publication schedule, and prioritizing audience engagement.

Latest updates on events.

Step into the social media world with us and stay informed about the latest trends and industry events. Our crafted posts will engage your audience and deliver real value.

Content management

Effective content distribution is crucial, which is why we conduct supporting social media campaigns. This ensures your valuable content reaches a wider audience, establishing your company and employees as industry experts.

Monitoring of indicators

We craft and execute campaigns on the leading social media platforms, diligently tracking user engagement metrics on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Continuously analyzing traffic and monitoring results, we provide monthly reports to our clients.

Cooperation with copywriting and marketing department

Our social media management service guarantees full support from experienced specialists, recognizing that effective business utilization of social channels requires more than just posting. We prioritize engaging content and precisely targeted advertising.

Learning from feedback

Our agency delivers monthly reports, engaging in result-driven discussions to optimize social media efforts and refine strategies. Through idea testing, we determine the most effective approaches for different industries. We prioritize transparency and efficient partnership, fostering continuous information exchange.

Building relationships with users

We know the significance of cultivating enduring relationships with users and elevating brand awareness for a positive social media image. Our agency maintains consistent communication with our clients’ audiences. With our comprehensive social media management services, we provide engaging Q&A sessions, informative and sales-oriented content, and, if necessary, effective crisis management support on social platforms.

Evaluation of social channels

Our objective is to offer comprehensive support in communication efforts on the top social media platforms. Before proposing strategic actions to enhance your business visibility, we conduct thorough assessments to identify effective practices and areas for minor improvements, leading to substantial results.

How to promote a company on Social Media?

Our agency has extensive experience working with clients from diverse industries, addressing varied needs. This expertise allows us to effectively manage social media for companies across multiple sectors. Entrust us with your brand’s Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn management, and you’ll receive a customized offer tailored to your specific requirements, backed by a thorough audience profile analysis.

How to measure reach in social media?

In crafting your social media campaign strategy, we leverage data to assess your profile’s reach. Utilizing advanced social media monitoring tools, we analyze user engagement metrics on your profile. Based on the insights, we devise effective action plans to elevate your social media promotion.

Social Media strategy – how does it work?

Crafting strategies for popular social media platforms enables us to plan effective marketing actions from inception and guide our clients through each step. We will develop a campaign plan for the leading social media platforms based on your guidelines, supported by our expertise and experience.

Brief with the customer

The foundation of our collaboration in social media management will be the client brief, which will help identify needs and jointly develop goals for your company’s social media presence. We tailor our actions to the individual requirements of each client, making our brief based on conversations, exchange of experiences, and plans for managing your business’s social media.

Social Media Output Profile Analysis

At the beginning of our collaboration, we will conduct an audit of your company’s presence on the most popular social media platforms. We will identify what is already yielding desired results and pinpoint aspects that require refinement. Additionally, we will propose new solutions to enhance your company’s performance and image on social media.

Setting Business and Communication Goals

Consistent Communication and a Thoughtful Social Media Strategy will effectively bring you closer to achieving your goals. This may involve increasing sales or enhancing brand visibility. We also focus on crafting a professional image – for this purpose, we will collaborate with you on educational content.

Defining the target group

How to Speak in a Way That Others Will Listen? The key to successful social media strategy and communication efforts is adapting the message and content to meet the audience’s needs. When developing your target audience, we take into account social media research and trends, not only to reach them effectively but also to sell successfully.

Determine the content of the messages

We work for you and with you. We offer a collaboration where your voice will be heard, and before content publication, you’ll have time to review and provide any feedback.

Selection of Social Media Tools

To enhance your business activities, we will assess the potential of the most popular social media platforms. We will conduct tests and permanently implement solutions that prove to be most effective. We’ll support your business with professional assistance, ensuring comprehensive help in managing your company’s social media.

Create a schedule and budget

Social media management is not just about posting content or engaging with the audience. While preparing the strategy together with you, we will also set a budget to achieve maximum reach on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Content publication will follow a pre-established schedule.


In social media management for your business, we handle content creation in both text and graphic formats. Publication occurs according to an approved schedule after consulting the content we have prepared. We also manage comment moderation and event management.

Report and effects

We offer the management of your company’s social media by experienced specialists, regularly assessing the effectiveness of implemented actions. We will provide you with information about the results and discuss them with you before setting the next strategic goals.

Frequently asked questions

Your social media strategy should be tailored to your business specifics, target audience needs, and the requirements of the most popular social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). At the beginning of our collaboration, we aim to learn as much as possible about your company, offerings, and industry to develop an optimal action plan and effective social media campaigns.

Social media is now one of the most common touchpoints with brands and a way to build an engaged community. So, if you’re wondering how to promote your company on social media – opt for a thoughtful marketing strategy and active presence on the most popular social channels to increase brand awareness.

To make the most of your company’s social media profile, it’s essential to use a language of benefits, presenting the advantages of your offer and its applications while emphasizing the value your products or services will bring to the customer. It’s important to maintain authenticity and transparency throughout.

Social media offers far more earning possibilities than one might initially think. With a well-prepared strategy by a social media marketing specialist, you can conduct effective sales tailored to a very specific target audience, build brand reputation, and acquire more and more customers.

In our work, we utilize both tools provided by Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, as well as external applications. One of them is Kontentino, which allows us to plan social media content in advance, facilitating collaboration with the client.

Instagram advertising reaches even the most specific target audience and expands it to new individuals through aesthetic, cohesive graphics with engaging call-to-action. For our clients, we create sales-oriented content tailored to their communities, while also focusing on building lasting relationships.

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