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pay-per-click, which is advertising billed per clicks

Ludzie pracujący przy komputerze.

The most popular solution and system based on PPC is advertising on Google, known as Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords).

The Google Ads advertising system allows displaying text ads (sponsored links) in Google search results and graphical ads (display) in the Google Display Network, which includes various portals and websites where ads can be shown. Google AdWords is an effective solution that is increasingly preferred by individuals planning a successful marketing strategy for their website. Moreover, this Google advertising system is gaining more and more popularity, especially due to its unmatched reach, available features, and numerous advertising formats that can be utilized.

Google Ads advertising is settled on a CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille) basis.


  1. Effective advertising

    Well-designed and managed advertising campaigns in Google deliver high-quality traffic that influences conversions, inquiries, and sales. Payment for clicks – a click is a potential customer.

  2. Quick Results

    Just turn on the set-up campaign, and traffic will start appearing on the website, attracting potential customers.

  3. Measurability

    The effectiveness of the campaign is easily measurable. With the correct account configuration, we can see how Google Ads advertising campaigns impact business goals.

  4. Precise Targeting

    After selecting the keywords, setting up the timing of Google Ads campaigns, the ad schedule, demographic data, and location, we can precisely determine when to display the ads.

  5. Flexibility

    Google Ads allows you to modify and change campaign settings at any time, including budget, CPC bids, ads, and keywords.

  6. Budget Control

    Google Ads allows for flexible budget management on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Scope of Activities

Google Ads Campaigns in Search Network


Google Ads Campaigns in Display Network


Product Campaigns

Google Shopping, PLA

Gmail Advertising

Gmail Sponsored Ads

Youtube Advertising


Geotargeting Advertising

International Campaigns

Google Ad Grants



Dynamic Remarketing

Google Ads Account Audit


Our Specializations

Services for Industries

IT Companies

  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Advertising in the Display Network / Remarketing
  • Discovery campaigns
  • Google Analytics


  • Search engine advertising
  • Advertising in the display network / Remarketing
  • PLA
  • YouTube Ads


  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Advertising in the advertising network / Remarketing
  • Google Analytics

Marketing budget

customized/Individually determined

individually tailored

individually tailored

How it works – the process

Setting goals (KPI) and data analysis

Determining KPIs allows for accurate evaluation of conducted actions. From the perspective of goals, we analyze historical data: conversion costs, clicks, and revenue. Conclusions drawn from this analysis are used to implement optimizations.

Measuring results – analytics configuration.

With the defined metrics in place, we set up analytical tools to ensure all data is accurately collected, enabling informed business decisions. In our daily work, we use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Data Studio.

Account Setup

We build the account in a way that allows us to display Google Ads accurately and spend each dollar as efficiently as possible, without burning the marketing budget on ill-conceived, ineffective advertising campaigns.

AdsPreparing content for Google Ads advertising

Effective and appealing ads for potential clients are a direct factor in the success of the entire Google Ads campaign. Based on our experience and analysis of available data, we create impactful advertisements.

Determining the bid strategy

The Google Ads system, with its specificity, determines that the bid is the most crucial factor directly affecting the ad’s position and the overall cost of the campaign. We plan the bid strategy in relation to the previously established KPIs.

Optimization and Reporting

By continuously analyzing the data, we optimize the campaigns through changes in ads, CPC bids, schedule, and location. Information about the implemented changes and achieved results is regularly provided every month in the form of a comprehensive report.

Frequently Asked Questions

The budget for advertising campaigns is determined individually based on factors such as search volume, industry, competition, location, and the client’s needs and capabilities. The cost of management and implementation starts at 300 PLN net. For local businesses, effective Google Ads campaigns can be run with a budget of a few hundred zlotys per month. However, it’s essential to remember that a too small budget may result in infrequent ads and consequently, a low number of clicks, making it difficult to notice a significant difference.

We maintain complete flexibility in terms of cooperation. Each contract has only a 1-month notice period. Within this time, you will surely be able to assess the initial results of our actions and independently decide on any further collaboration.

Thanks to Google Ads, the effects can be visible already in the first few days of running the campaign, as the traffic to the website starts immediately after launching the campaign. You can see the first result in the search engine as soon as 24 hours from the moment our specialist starts the campaign. Google Ads advertising is one of the fastest and most effective forms of online marketing.

The campaign budget is the amount deposited into your Google account, which is entirely dedicated to clicks on your website’s ad. Google Ads advertising is typically billed under the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) system, meaning that within the allocated budget for the campaign in the search engine, the charge is incurred only when a user clicks on the ad. By choosing this form of advertising, you pay only for actual visits to your website.

To estimate the Google Ads advertising budget, we take into account the search volume of selected keywords, the competition for those keywords, the number and types of campaigns. Equally important are the client’s goals, objectives, and capabilities.

Changes can be made at any time during the collaboration. Google Ads account is a living organism, and campaign optimization involves a series of continuous adjustments. Budgets, goals, and assumptions can also be modified based on the data collected.

Yes. We are a Google Partner, which grants us access to the latest solutions, training, and materials that aid in the effective and successful management of Google Ads advertising campaigns.

Yes. We believe that direct communication with the person responsible for managing the campaign is the most effective, that’s why we use this cooperation model in our daily operations.

Yes. We believe in transparency, so every client has access to the account, allowing them to monitor the campaign and its results in real-time.

Yes, keyword selection or research is one of the key stages we start our cooperation with at our consulting and marketing agency. Finding and determining the right keywords is essential for accurately estimating the budget.

For conducting Google Ads campaigns, we will require access to: Google Ads account, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Merchant Center, Google My Business account.

If you are promoting your website and brand online, or planning to start such activities but lack knowledge in this field, lack a team of specialists, and don’t want to waste your time learning, you can entrust PPC campaign management to experts. You save time, which you can dedicate to managing your own business. Additionally, you save money because without proper knowledge and tools, it is easy to burn through marketing budgets on Google Ads ads without achieving visible and satisfactory results.

Most often, PPC campaigns operate on an auction model, where all companies wishing to display their ads in a particular place compete against each other. However, it’s not always the highest bid that wins. For example, in Google Ads, other factors such as the landing page, ad relevance, and keywords are taken into account for ad ranking. This means that the highest bid won’t necessarily lead to the top position. That’s why it’s worthwhile to entrust the optimization and management of campaigns to PPC specialists. Their task is to select and optimize bidding strategies to achieve the best end result, ensuring that the Google Ads advertising for the relevant keywords proves effective.

Yes. If the account has a good history and it is possible to sensibly structure new campaigns on it, we will have no problem continuing Google Ads advertising activities on your account.

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