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If your company’s sales dynamics are falling, you are losing visibility in the search engine and you are getting fewer and fewer inquiries from the website, it is a disturbing sign that something is missing or something is not working as it should in your current marketing strategy.


Based on our extensive experience in many different IT projects, we know that it is worth focusing on a thorough knowledge of the targeted market, because its specificity largely determines the actions we take. The next step is to take care of technical SEO and pay attention to education and valuable content marketing. A detailed description of the strategy for IT companies can be found in our “Case study” tab.

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We know your business

We know what challenges your business faces and we understand the needs and requirements of the IT industry well, we are part of the Wroclaw cluster of IT companies


We speak your language

We specialize in the promotion of IT companies on foreign markets. Over the last several months of our activity, we have undergone a major transformation as an organization in order to provide services at the highest level, offering solutions tailored to the needs and specifics of the IT industry. From a marketing agency, we have gradually changed into a consulting agency, for which agility is the most important determinant of effective work.

We’ve come to a point where we’ve realized that our organization has changed so much recently that we need to change with it. We have grown as a company, constantly facing new challenges and delivering projects for a diverse group of clients – all in the midst of a rapidly evolving Agile development environment. We have successfully implemented the Project Manager function in our organization, an extensive onboarding process, as well as a number of scrum events. We are also constantly developing the feedback culture in our agency.

One of the factors determining our leading position in the IT industry is speaking a common language with our Partners. We have become experts in the positioning of IT companies, we have learned the techniques that allowed us to increase the business value of our clients and we have achieved significant successes in this field.

At, we follow the Agile philosophy, and Scrum is our tool for effective work. Adapting to change is a basic principle of everything we do. Marketing for IT is a complicated process because it is based not only on methods from the IT industry, but also on a specific approach that our specialists had to implement. Changes in the advertising market are happening so fast that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with them. Therefore, instead of running away from them, we need to change with them and understand the needs of this change. The development of technology requires marketing to choose the right tools for its message. The marketing industry more and more often resembles the work model of IT companies that work in projects and are based on Agile and Scrum. Implementation of such a form of work required a huge commitment from us and a willingness to change entire teams – as we know, no change is easy. However, we managed to work out a way to get to know the Agile manifesto, adapt it to our challenges and needs, and effectively measure its functionality in our organization.

This has significantly changed our approach to working on IT projects. We gave up sticking to rigid schemes, and instead began to meet the expectations of Partners to an even greater extent and effectively implement activities that will actually increase their business value.


As, we have already successfully implemented many IT projects. We have extensive experience in foreign positioning. At the moment, we serve eight different markets located on three continents, constantly expanding our offer and scope of activities. We are successively growing in strength, thus enabling the continuous development of our Partners. We effectively help in expanding into foreign markets and promoting business on the international arena. In our daily work, we focus on good communication and effective partnership. As part of the projects we carry out, we are distinguished by courage, focus, commitment and respect for what we do. At, we are guided by values such as openness and transparency. However, the pillar of our work is adaptation to change.

Understanding the language used by our Partners, as well as adapting to the change, made us an organization that stands out on the market and which, above all, understands the needs of the IT industry.

The IT industry in agile project management is characterized by fast and transparent software development while reacting to market changes. Today’s market is changing so fast that only those organizations that follow and understand this change will survive.

At, we understood that agility gives us a huge advantage in better adapting our service to the business needs of the IT industry. We have developed a better ability to manage changing priorities and deliver our services faster and better. We strive to constantly improve our work and we are guided by trust, not control. Our most important goal is full transformation into a consulting agency and continuous development of our Talents.


It is possible to effectively expand your business to foreign markets. However, it should be remembered that each market requires an individual approach, so such activities should be based on a well-planned strategy adapted to its specificity and implemented optimization. As, we have many years of experience that allows us to effectively build visibility and organic traffic also on demanding foreign markets. Thanks to the experience gained, we know their specificity well, and we also perfectly understand the characteristic habits of their recipients.

First of all, we will start with a thorough analysis of the company’s offer in order to determine the key points for its effective development, as well as to determine the most important business goals. Then we will check what and how Internet users in a given country will search, what search engines and devices they use. We know that in this respect there may be some significant differences between Poland and foreign markets. On the basis of this, we will prepare detailed guidelines that will allow you to create a well-optimized website, i.e. one that will be willingly visited and friendly to both users and demanding search engine algorithms. Finally, we will systematically work on building the appropriate popularity of the website by creating attractive, useful content for recipients.

No, each market is a separate case for us, because we are aware that effective website positioning looks a bit different in each country. Before we start cooperation, we analyze in detail the specifics of a given market, precisely defining the required scope of activities and the recommended budget. The strategy we choose depends to a large extent not only on the industry, but also on market trends, competitiveness of key phrases or the number of popular search engines. A thorough analysis of all these issues gives you a chance to effectively promote your company online and achieve your business goals.

No, both countries are two different search engines. This means that we treat each of these markets as a separate service. The situation is the same for all English-speaking countries. Read more about our foreign positioning.

The global reach of the Internet gives almost unlimited possibilities in the field of website positioning. For this reason, cooperation with a Polish SEO agency that has experience in this type of services and knows well both the specificity of foreign markets and the habits of their recipients may prove to be a very effective solution. What’s more, the choice of a native agency that is located on the spot is often a guarantee of more efficient cooperation. This is because it facilitates establishing a closer relationship with Partners, and thus – also a better understanding of the individual needs of their business.

Complex SEO solutions for IT industry

As the only SEO agency in Poland, we specialize in the promotion of IT companies using SEO on foreign markets. We effectively position IT companies such as software houses primarily on the UK and US markets. Do you want to increase the reach of your company and try your hand at the international arena? We will help you in the effective promotion of your business also abroad!

Expand your visibility abroad with SEO for IT

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