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B2B Marketing & SEO Agency Strategiczni.pl

Do you want to promote your business on the Internet and strengthen its position on the market? Wondering which of your marketing activities will be the most effective? Would you like to entrust this task to the right team that will take a comprehensive look at the entire process? Strategiczni.pl is a marketing agency that had the pleasure of being responsible for marketing projects for clients representing various industries. Over the years of activity, we have specialized in the areas of IT, e-commerce and professional services. As a marketing agency, we help companies expand into foreign markets, we support online stores that want to promote and increase website traffic. We help representatives of industries who want to ensure better visibility and visual identification of the brand, so that it is more often found online by potential new customers.

Do you have your own business and want to strengthen your position on the market by generating more profits from sales? Do you want your brand to make a good impression on potential customers, and your services to be visible and appreciated on the Internet? With a solid SEO strategy in place, your business can reach high search results on Google and drive significant traffic to your website, reaching a wider range of potential new customers.

Increased traffic will translate into more business opportunities, and ultimately, more profit. We always start our work with an analysis and creation of a comprehensive action plan, adapted to the situation of a given website and the realities prevailing on the market. We work as a team to jointly develop the most beneficial strategy for our clients. Thanks to innovative methods and solid data analysis focused on clearly defined business goals, we are able to increase the recognition of your brand on the web and improve its visibility in search results. We follow the latest trends and industry news to constantly provide the highest quality of services and modern solutions.

You have come to a place where we offer you a personalized internet marketing service. Properly directed, the right strategies and marketing campaigns will make your business successful in the constantly evolving digital world.

Marketing Agency Poland

Strategiczni.pl is much more than a marketing agency. Our extensive experience, comprehensive approach and fresh perspective mean that companies that decide to start cooperation with us achieve revenue increases after just a few months. We create professional marketing and offer rich services. Thanks to the support of our marketing agency, you have a chance to promote your brand on the Internet and increase the position of your website among the competition. Each project is a new challenge for us. Years of experience in the marketing industry allow us to provide services at the highest level, effectively implement marketing campaigns and approach each client individually. We are working hard to disenchant the term marketing agency as we believe its meaning has been diluted over the years.


We are a marketing agency from Wrocław, specializing in SEO and SEM. We focus on providing the highest quality services in this area, i.e. effective website positioning and effective Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) advertising campaigns. We prepare a personalized and comprehensive offer tailored to the requirements and individual needs of our clients. Our actions are preceded by a meticulous analysis of the situation in the client’s company. We help new companies enter the market, and current leaders in maintaining high positions in search results.

Bet on effective positioning and advertising on the Internet. Effective business promotion supported by skilful advertising campaigns, advanced analytics and a well-chosen strategy is a way to increase valuable website traffic, which in turn will result in better conversion, more inquiries and sales. Our marketing agency works effectively, using modern solutions and bringing visible profits to clients. The strategy we have developed is not only effective positioning and advertising, but also high-quality content. We know how important valuable content is in SEO and we work hard to provide our clients with only unique content.

Strategiczni.pl – Your partner in B2B marketing

Strategicczni.pl Sp. z o. o. is an SEO & SEM agency from Wrocław. We know how important effective internet marketing is today. We are a marketing agency that was founded on the basis of experience gained in various areas of e-commerce. Our specialization is primarily effective, safe and modern SEO, website maintenance and optimization, promotion of local companies and professional advice in the field of e-commerce.

Our marketing agency is a Google Partner, which confirms our competence and professionalism. This means that we have access to innovative solutions, valuable training and materials that allow us to stay up to date and constantly develop. Thanks to this, our marketing campaigns are at the highest level, and we ourselves are trying to be better and better in this industry. Cooperation with Google means years of our experience, which we turn into the effectiveness and efficiency of our advertising activities.

Online Marketing Agency Poland

Agency SEO SEM Strategiczni.pl – Plac Solny 15, 50-062, Wrocław

Strategiczni.pl is a company that combines experience and knowledge about effective internet marketing. We support you in achieving online success and conquering the e-commerce market. We are one of the few agencies on the market that has experience in working with clients from various industries and with different scales of activity. We carry out strategic activities and advertising campaigns for both small and large companies, increasing their sales results and promoting the brand on the Internet.

Our agency guarantees marketing at the highest level. What benefits do our marketing strategies bring to our customers? First of all, effective campaigns, high positions in Google and better visibility on the Internet. All thanks to a qualified team of SEO specialists, advanced analytics and experience. Are you curious what customers are looking for on your website?


Our knowledge and accumulated experience help us to find the most appropriate strategy for your business in every situation. We are open in contact with the client, we focus on factual and professional advice, so that cooperation with us does not leave any understatements and question marks. In our work, we use professional tools, thanks to which we can get to know your business even better, study industries and competitors. We specialize in search engine marketing for professional services, IT and e-commerce. We help you achieve the right visibility of your brand, products or services so that they are found more often by customers. Just like that, humanly.

In 2017, we decided to use our existing knowledge and acquired competences. We have created the Strategiczni.pl marketing agency. Our goal from the beginning is high and comprehensive quality of services, which is why we approach projects that we have the pleasure to implement with commitment. Today, Strategiczny.pl is a team of over a dozen specialists. We work with various clients with whom we share our experience. We know that the internet marketing industry is very dynamic. We follow trends for our clients and are constantly looking for new solutions.

Presence on the Internet is a great opportunity to attract new customers. However, without proper promotion, your business may become invisible in Google search. We will help you change it, starting from the very beginning, i.e. creating a valuable website that will be prepared to support effective positioning. We will take care of its appropriate design and make it customer-friendly. The next step will be to appear in the unpaid Google search results. We will plan actions thanks to which your website will occupy top positions in the search engine and will be noticed by future customers. If you care about quick results, we will prepare an advertisement for you in Google Ads. Need some extra social media activity? We know social media very well and we know how the Facebook Ads advertising system works and we are able to effectively use its possibilities to achieve greater profits. Comprehensive social media support is an important part of marketing campaigns. Using popular social media, you have the opportunity to present your brand to more users. Therefore, it is worth taking care of a consistent visual identification of your brand, which will attract the attention of new customers and increase the level of company recognition. We know how important proper advertising and skillful use of social media are, and this is also what we focus on in our marketing agency. Without valuable content, your website will not meet the SEO guidelines and will not succeed on the market, and marketing activities will not be effective. Our agency is powered by copywriters who know how to create unique content (also in other languages). Good content is characterized by the fact that it is eagerly read by users and successively works to increase sales. Our marketing agency also guarantees such services. We offer you a comprehensive internet marketing service. Check how it works in our marketing agency!

We want our clients to know how our agency achieves good results for them and supports them in building a positive brand image. First, we talk and get to know our client’s company. We get to know the brand, set the budget, the most important goals and expectations of the company. Each client has different needs, which is why good communication is the basis for any satisfactory cooperation. Knowledge of the client’s company and business environment allows us to prepare a detailed analysis of his needs. Thanks to this information, we can plan a specific project and comprehensive marketing strategies related to positioning, advertising on Google or advertising on Facebook, because we are aware of how important social media are today. We are still in contact with the owners of the company, because customer service is our job for the entire duration of the campaign. Every month we send them a detailed report in which we present the effects of our marketing activities so that each client can monitor the changes on an ongoing basis. We know how important analytics is in this industry, which is why we pay special attention to reliable data analysis and drawing conclusions, which we then translate into real financial profits. Thanks to many years of experience, supported by numerous successes, we are able to react quickly and make difficult decisions in dynamically changing business situations. Our marketing agency focuses on the transparency of our actions and implemented strategies, because in our opinion it is the basis for a long-term, satisfying relationship with the client. Therefore, cooperation with the Strategiczni.pl marketing agency is primarily a clearly defined and discussed in detail scope of cooperation and a precisely set schedule. Good organization and comprehensive service are the issues that we constantly nurture in our marketing agency.

We are a marketing agency you can trust. We have been carrying out marketing activities for a long time, and we use the knowledge gained in this way in subsequent challenges. We constantly raise our standards because we care about the success of our clients. We like diverse projects, which is why we work with small companies as well as large brands. We specialize in comprehensive SEO audits. We provide our clients with the necessary knowledge on optimizing their websites by searching for errors and indicating possible solutions. Our team consists of experienced experts, which means that we are able to accurately identify elements worth improving and select the best strategies for action. Each time we approach our work with the same commitment. We offer services in the field of website positioning, Google advertising and social media campaigns – this is what we know best.

The effects of the work of marketing agencies always depend on the type of service you choose. In the case of Google Ads and Facebook advertising, you can see increased traffic to your company’s website on the first day after launching paid campaigns. Their effects are also easily measurable, thanks to which we can see how they affect the set business goals. On the other hand, positioning a website is a time-consuming process, not a one-time undertaking, therefore it requires more patience on our part and on the part of the client. You will have to wait at least 90 days for the first results. However, these are long-term and effective actions that will not only increase traffic on your website, but also significantly increase the level of recognition of your brand.

Our strength is our approach. Thanks to a comprehensive and effective team, we treat website positioning comprehensively. Together, we create well-thought-out marketing strategies that will help your business and push it to the top positions in search results. Effective positioning will make your website more visible, reach more users, attract new customers and build brand recognition. It is worth outsourcing SEO to Strategiczni.pl, because we can boast many years of experience in conducting SEO activities, we offer fair and understandable terms of cooperation, and our work is based on the use of advanced analytical tools, thanks to which we create reliable and comprehensive reports of implemented solutions. What distinguishes us from other SEO & SEM agencies is certainly the fact that we specialize in the promotion of IT companies on foreign markets. We know that each market is governed by its own rules, which is why in foreign positioning we are guided primarily by a thorough analysis of the specificity of a given country. Due to the fact that website positioning looks a bit different in each country, we prepare an individual strategy tailored to the specific requirements of a given market. If you are wondering if positioning is a service suitable for your business, we suggest what is worth considering. Before starting cooperation with a marketing agency, it is good to determine the exact goals of your business. This will definitely help us choose the best strategy and determine the direction of our cooperation. For this reason, answer the question of whether your website has already achieved everything? Perhaps there are still unfinished elements that, thanks to the intervention of specialists, could look much better. An improved website, compliant with the latest standards and presenting an interesting design, will attract new users and reduce the bounce rate on your website. If you care about more visitors to your website, you want to increase the number of inquiries and sales – our SEO agency can help you with that.